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When you choose the Pearson Law Firm, you can expect skilled representation rooted in kindness for your situation and backed by over 40 years of experience. Our team values building positive relationships with our clients and we work to demystify the legal process.

We want to make sure you feel safe and informed as we work towards getting you the results you deserve.

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Other Testimonials

  • I have appreciated all the advice and expertise as I naively walked through this settlement.  They saw me at my worst and stuck it out with me anyway. We hope never to need The Pearson Law Firm again, but our friends will know how great they have been.

    -C. W., Kirkland
  • I thank them for their insight and all the help they were to me in dealing with the my medical malpractice claim.  I felt much more confident after working with them to prepare. We appreciate them.

    -L.C., Puyallup
  • We were so happy with this team, appreciated their approach, input, and grace.  We thought they did a fabulous job and felt supported. This firm was very professional and caring, and they should be proud of the trial work and the result.

    -J. And E. S, Marysville
  • Words cannot express my family's gratitude to each and every one of you for your help with our case. You are all true professionals with kind and caring personalities.  Thank you for your constant and persistent work over the past two years for our family and to right the wrong for me. I could never have found inner peace without all your help. Thank you for believing me, and always being just you, straightforward. We can never thank you enough.

    -K. J., Renton
  • Closing this case means so much to my life. I have felt, from the beginning, that The Pearson Law Firm was where I was supposed to land for this closure. I am sincerely grateful.

    -I.S., Kodiak
  • I would recommend The Pearson Law Firm to anyone for your expertise, your compassion, and for protecting my interests.  You and your family are very honorable. In the past 4 years, in the midst of confusion and perplexities because of you I have found some inner peace. Thanks again.

    -K.E., Bremerton
  • We wanted to thank you so much for all that you and your staff have done for us.

    -Mr. and Mrs. W, Shelton
  • Thank you for all you have done.  I'm not sure if words are enough, but this means so much to me.  The fact that you would take this on without hesitations is amazing to me.  Thank you.

    -D. P., North Bend
  • We are ecstatic with happiness and feelings of relief.  You probably heard us celebrating as far away as your office! Thank you for your professionalism, expertise, and all of the generous time you devoted to my case. We will be indebted to you forever.

    -Mr. and Mrs. H. W., Vancouver